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About Us

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Welcome to Retro Jam, we are the specialist in Adelaide for all your Retro and Vintage costume hire needs, for everyone. If your in to wearing Vintage/Retro/Rockabilly clothing, you can purchase as well, we have a huge selection, come and be amazed by the world of vintage! We are fashion stylists, you will receive personal one-on-one advise and tips on what suits you. The costume eras we cater for are the 1920’s to 1980’s, plus many more, like Halloween . In our pin-up collection we cater for plus size and of course average sizes are well represented too. You can shop in-store, or in our on-line boutique.

Costume Hire:

At Retro Jam we have costumes for all occasions such as Birthdays, Book Week, Disco and Hollywood Parties. Theme and Quiz nights, Weddings, Hens and Buck shows, Christmas and New Years parties. You will find Flappers, Gangsters, Great Gatsby, Pimps & Hos, Vixens, Yobbos, Rock’n’Roll, Moulin Rouge, Disco, Flower Power, Hippy, Studio54, Grease, Bond, Punk, Cowboys, Rock, Movie, and Television stars. Bollywood, Pirates, Halloween, Celebrities, Doctors and Nurses and Villains and Hero’s and many more.

We believe  costume parties should be fun, we dress you from top to you, our expert styling and personalized service will make you win best dressed every time.

Corporate events and Conferences, School Plays , Local theater and film productions, Musical and Band performances, we have an extensive costume range and can help them run with ease. We do plus size too!

Retro Jam’s costume department has a huge range of wigs, shoes, boots, hats, sunglasses, beads, jewellery, gloves, false eyelashes, mustaches, bling and stockings.

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Vintage Clothing:

Step into a time warp you won’t want to leave. Every vintage/retro piece  has been fully restored by us, so it is a pleasure to wear and enjoy, without the worry of laundering. A vintage fashion aficionado’s dream!

I source most of the vintage clothing privately from USA and locally within Australia. Feel free to put special items on consignment with us, we will fetch you a worthy price!

It is a pleasure to present my range, I believe in outstanding quality, to give new life to garments by recycling them, making them new again is my passion. Our  sustainable fashion is truly authentic and unique.

If alternative Rock-a-billy or pin-up styling is your desire, no look no more, our range is extensive and very affordable, shop on-line too, with free standard shipping within Australia. Browse and shop!